Rug Hooking Accessories

Oct 25th

Rug hooking – Rugs are often interchangeable with carpet. Although given that there are a variety of designs to choose from, unlike the wall-to-wall carpet area is permanently attached, the carpet was not only serves as a kind of floor, but can also be a decorative addition to boring walls in the house. So how does it actually made?


Rug hooking is a prehistoric art and craft that might not be out of date. He goes way back and evolves through time. It is a skill that involves many techniques and procedures. It may seem challenging for someone to do, but given that it was established back in the days where there was not much technology and machines to help people with their daily lives, people have found ways to make it easier. So what is this technique used during ancient times and is still in use today?

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Rug hooking has been around for at least two centuries. In ancient times, it is a craft that is most often done by people who experience scarcity: Poor communities. And because of that, they often will search their house for scrap materials that will be used, usually a piece of fabric used. And while women from rich families are enrolled in schools where teaching knitting and embroidery, women deprived will use whatever materials they found to be accessed to make their own home-made floor coverings.

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