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Difference between bisexual and bicurious

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Difference Between A Bi-Sexual and Bi-Curious Woman y

To me the difference between bicurious and bisexual is that the gateway to being bisexual is the curiosity. Most boys are curious when it comes to their penis and all penises. Some boys experiment with another boy and develop either a bisexual nature or a totally heterosexual personality. Most often this activity bi sexual activity is the acted

Whats the difference between being bi-curious and

Nov 01, 2008 What's the difference between Bisexual& BiCurious? Bicurious refers to a desire to try having sex with a member of the gender which is opposite to the one you pursue. This includes a heterosexual wanting to have sex with a member of their own gender, or a homosexual wishing to experiment with having sex with a member of the

Whats the difference between Bi-sexual & Bi-Curious

A lot of this ties into a false notion that bisexuals have to experience a 5050 attraction split between men and women in order to truly be bisexual. If a woman feels she is attracted to men and women, but feels a stronger attraction to men, she may selfidentify as bicurious.

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